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Shoreline Pools is a pool construction company that specializes in building and repairing pools across the tristate area. With 50 years of experience and 4,000 built or serviced pools under their belt, Shoreline Pools prioritizes both efficiency and safety in their projects. Offering input on design, renovation, and repair, Shoreline Pools is an expert in every step of the pool construction process. 

Shoreline Pool’s Initial Challenge

Despite being the largest independent pool building company in the Northeast, Shoreline Pools was struggling to increase its brand awareness. They relied heavily upon word of mouth to advertise their business, but by the late 2000s, they decided they needed to expand their digital presence. Unfortunately, their current website was antiquated and was not designed with SEO in mind. In addition, they were not utilizing social media nearly as much as competitors, falling behind in a rapidly expanding advertising space.  

Campaign Goal

Premiere sought to revamp Shoreline’s digital marketing strategy. This would be accomplished by modernizing the Shoreline Pools website through SEO-centric strategies such as blog implementation and Google My Business setup. Premiere would also add more dynamic creative elements, such as videos, to the website. These elements would also carry over to the Shoreline social media channels, which Premiere sought to leverage. 

Campaign Accomplishments

Premiere completely revamped the Shoreline Pools website, adding a combination of creative and SEO-centric elements to boost the website’s reach and appeal. In 2016, Premiere also redesigned the website’s UI and added mobile compatibility. These significant changes have boosted the Shoreline Pools website to the top search rank in Northeast pool construction services. 

Numerically speaking, Premiere’s strategy helped generate over 800 online inquiries per year for all of Shoreline Pools’ services. This can be attributed to Premiere’s very successful Shoreline Pools blogs, which reached up to 15,000 visits per month. Premiere’s improved optimization for Shoreline on Google Local and Google My Business helped generate additional impressions for the Shoreline Pools site, up to 10,000 a month. In total, Premiere led Shoreline to increase its annual growth by over 100%. 

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