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Founded in 2016 and backed by highly acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay, HexClad is a premium brand in the kitchen and dining space. This company provides a wide range of services to help customers have exceptional cooking and eating experiences. Its high-quality, innovative products include cookware, mixing bowls, knives, a cookbook, and gift card options. Beginning as a startup just 6 years ago, HexClad continues to build a loyal consumer base, as chefs and amateur cooks alike continue to come back for more from its sleek, dishwasher-safe, and versatile product line.  

HexClad came to Premiere Creative in January 2021 looking for help in repositioning its brand in three crucial areas, and Premiere delivered with necessary results in each one. 

Hexclad’s First Need: Amazon Revamp  

HexClad needed to finetune a strategy for leveraging several untapped marketing channels.  Amazon was the perfect way to build its clientele base and product sales since HexClad had no representation on the site and wanted to mobilize that channel as a new source of sales and revenue outside of their Costco sales and direct-to-consumer (DTC) website. 

Our Response 

To remedy these concerns, Premiere relaunched HexClad’s Amazon marketplace, refurbishing its use of PPC advertising and building a proper consumer experience. HexClad’s Amazon listings now include comprehensive Product Information, multiple high-quality graphics, and descriptive “About this Item” sections for every listing. These improvements have paid dividends:  

  • In 4 months of working with Premiere, HexClad went from 0 sales on Amazon to 1 million in Amazon sales revenue per month.  

  • In 9 months, HexClad averaged 2 million in Amazon sales revenue.  

  • Premiere projects that HexClad will generate an average of 30 million in annual Amazon revenue in the next several years. 

HexClad’s Second Need: Shopify Store Upgrade 

Next, HexClad was in the market for a marketing agency to design its new Shopify website that could clearly and accurately portray HexClad’s “premier” brand. This Shopify rebrand would ideally portray all the excitement and passion HexClad has around its products and about helping secure the joy of cooking and eating daily for every customer.  

Our Response  

Premiere completely redesigned HexClad’s Shopify store to provide a top-notch shopping experience for its valued users. The E-Commerce site currently includes customer and chef review sections, a recipe archive, detailed product listings, catchy and engaging copy, and sleek video ads. What sets HexClad apart is its innovative, hybrid cookware technology, which we’ve made sure to highlight on the site’s “Why Use HexClad” page.  

HexClad’s Third Need: More Cross-sells and Upsells  

Finally, HexClad wanted to leverage its subscriber base of half a million brand users, to cross-sell and upsell its wide range of new products. The brand keeps expanding and to provide a better living, cooking, and eating experience for its customers, HexClad wanted a way to further promote its debut recipes, woks, cookware sets, and more.  

Our Response 

That is where Premiere came in. To harness the loyal subscriber base that HexClad has already built and to better the everyday customer’s kitchen experience with more HexClad products, Premiere created an email life cycle management campaign. With this addition to its marketing strategy, HexClad now builds active relationships with its customers along their purchase and cooking journeys to actively work to cross-promote and sell more products and bring in more revenue. 

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