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wasserman client

With Wasserman, I was assigned to the Amazon Prime Student account. Working with my manager, I created content for Amazon Prime Student brand handles on TikTok and Instagram, which have over 600,000 followers across both accounts. In addition, we ideated content angles and created content calendars for months in advance, following the schedule of a college freshman and providing product and service recommendations new students might need to conquer their first year and the events and traditions college brings. 

Throughout the internship, I worked to source college influencers across D1 schools of interest to build a bank of possible content creators for Prime Student to pull from in the future. I assessed the creator's follower type, content genre, brand safety level, and campus involvement to source interesting, diverse college students from across the United States and Canada to represent Amazon. I made it a personal priority to suggest and amplify mid- and plus-size creators that make college content due to the lack of larger-bodied creators in the lifestyle space, as well as social media's systemic algorithm designed to suppress content from people of these body types.

Working with the diversity, equity, and inclusion team at Wasserman, I created an educational resource titled "From Misunderstanding to Empowerment: A Comprehensive Analysis of and Resource Guide to Combating Fatphobia" to be used as DE&I curriculum and guidelines for both employees and clients. I created a Wasserman-centered research paper to use as a base for the resource, both to pursue my mission of fat liberation, particularly in the media and corporate spaces, as well as provide multiple sources for the many people that will undoubtedly criticize and question the validity and accuracy of the resource.

Hopefully, within the next month, the resource will be finalized, published, and distributed throughout Wasserman, as well as to many corporate body diversity organizations. I hope to eventually present the resource to the DE&I council at Wasserman, and host a panel of fat activists and educators on the subject for employees of Wasserman to attend and learn from. I will link the resource here when it is approved and finalized. 

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