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adclub client

Campaign is an app originally based in Indonesia that aims to promote campaigns and actively work on social issues. Campaign aims to provide people with a safe environment to start their social action. Campaign will provide people with ideas with a platform to post their ideas and attract people interested in the ideas also. In this way, will help people to gather resources - information, funds, ideas and other support. Campaign can help people raise awareness for social issues and support movements they are passionate about without financial constraint.

The client is aiming to promote their influence among college students and to attract more funds to develop their business further. Currently, many college students want to make social contributions and what they need is a platform with opportunities. Campaign needs to reach a larger population of college students to promote their social influence so that they can achieve the double-win situation.

We will promote the app and increase social media (Instagram)'s views by creating attractive and meaningful content. We will focus on pushing the app's uniqueness: donate without putting in your own money.

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