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digitas client

As a media intern with the Digitas UNIcorn Incubator Program, we received a month of intensive training from professionals at Digitas agencies across the country, followed by an assignment to a Digitas client account. I was assigned to the Victoria's Secret & PINK account.

The brand was on the cusp of a new beauty product rebrand, with which I helped with search marketing management, including keyword development, ad creative and strategy, trafficking recommendations, and reporting. In addition, I collaborated with internal Media, Project Management, and Analytics capabilities to drive timeliness and accuracy across the campaign. Additionally, I helped oversee the trafficking and implementation process of the copy, monitoring campaign delivery and compiling reporting.

I also assisted in the copywriting adjustments for the new PINK beauty campaign, reviewing individual headlines which would appear in Google search, optimizing phrases to better match the new campaign, and meeting word counts.

After a few rounds of editing, all of my work was sent to the client and implemented in their beauty campaign on Google!

Separate from the beauty re-stage, I helped with general brand search query reports, categorizing different search terms, identifying patterns and trends in search, and flagging potentially harmful searches in which our brand appears when searched.

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