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In August 2023, I traveled to Sydney, Australia, to participate in Boston University's study abroad and student internship program. Working with an advisor, I was placed with an advertising agency located in Sydney, where I worked for seven weeks.

Hopeful Monsters is an independent, creative agency specializing in earned and non-traditional advertising whose clients include Converse, Adobe, Atlantis Resorts Dubai, Red Bull, and more.

At Hopeful Monsters, I was an account management intern, but aided in a myriad of internal agency work, as well as flexed my creative muscles in a supportive, collaborative setting. Here is some of the work I've completed.





My work with Atlantis Resorts Dubai involved extensive research and establishment of partnerships to secure prominent placements in a diverse range of travel magazines, both in print and digital formats. Through strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the client's unique offerings, I crafted over 10 highly targeted story pitches for those magazines and publications, ensuring each pitch was compelling and aligned with the brand, and media outlets, narrative. By effectively engaging journalists and delivering captivating narratives, I played a pivotal role in enhancing the resort's visibility and reputation in the travel industry, contributing to a successful media presence.


  • Conducted extensive research to identify influential contacts and assess their reach in terms of Opportunities to See (OTS) for targeted influencer outreach campaigns.

  • Developed and maintained two comprehensive master media contact lists, meticulously curating journalist contact details and social media information for various media outlets, ensuring the agency had up-to-date and readily accessible resources.

  • Took charge of compiling and formatting engaging posts for the Hopeful Monsters Institute, a LinkedIn publication showcasing member work and written content, contributing to the promotion of the agency's creative endeavors.

  • Played a crucial role in internal client research for Bethesda Game Studios, offering valuable insights and information that informed strategic decisions for potential new business ventures.

  • Conducted thorough research to identify and evaluate relevant communications and advertising awards, providing the agency with a curated list of opportunities for Hopeful Monsters to enter and showcase its outstanding work.

  • Organized and optimized the Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) list, implementing a systematic approach to sorting and researching contacts, enhancing the efficiency of the agency's email marketing initiatives.

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